Fuel Monitoring Sensor

Monitor your fuel consumption in real-time

Alliance Tradex supplies and installs one of the most reliable fuel level sensors on the market. Optimising and reducing fuel cost is paramount to any business, whatever their size. The savings can be in the order of magnitude of up to 40% on your fuel bill.
The fuel level sensor is suitable for almost all moving and fixed assets such as trucks, tractors, tankers, storage tanks, boats and locomotives. It comes in different sizes from 0.25 m to 6.0 m.  


The fuel level sensor is installed in the fuel tank and is connected to the GPS or GPRS tracking device or  remote terminal unit real-time monitoring.
Features and benefits:
  • up to 40% fuel saving
  • real-time monitoring of the fuel consumption
  • only pay for the fuel your vehicle use
  • create daily or/and weekly fuel consumption reports
  • suitable for almost all applications
  • no moving parts for high accuracy and reliability



• Diesel generators
• Mining equipment
• Road vehicles
• GSM Base stations
• Construction machines
• Agriculture machines